About Us

An Association Run by Postdocs for Postdocs

Our History and Mission

The UC Riverside Postdoctoral Association (RPA) was formed in 2014 by former UCR postdocs Anna Locke, Carol Davis, Elia Scudiero, Jorge Lozano Juste, Laetitia Poedivin, Lisa Pang, Marco Schiavon, and Poonamjot Deol. Their vision was to conceive an association that nurtures a professional and social network among postdoctoral and visiting scholars and project scientists — postdocs. The association has an important advisory role giving the Graduate Division input on the needs of the postdoctoral community at UCR.

Specifically, the UC Riverside Postdoctoral Association strives to:

  • Provide career-orientated support and advocacy
  • Showcase postdoctoral achievements and research
  • Provide opportunities for professional and social networking
  • Promote a productive dialogue among postdocs, administration and faculty
  • Provide a platform to highlight issues that affect UCR postdoctoral community
  • Make available peer support and resources to help foster professional and personal growth