About us

The purpose of the Riverside Postdoc Association is to provide an organized structure to help nurture both a professional and social network amongst postdocs. We work to provide and increase the network between the Postdoc community. It is our ambition to provide, (i) career orientated support and advocacy, (ii) opportunities for professional and social networking, (iii) promote a productive dialogue among postdocs, administration and faculty, (iv) to showcase postdoctoral achievements and research at UCR, (v) make available peer support and resources to help foster professional and personal growth and (vi) provide a platform to highlight issues that affect UCR postdoctoral community. We wish to work together to achieve these goals.

RPA Team

Anja Pahor


Daniela Cassol

Vice President

Patricio Perez


Sharma Yamijala


Marta Ruiz Valdés

Communications Director

Morgan Halane

Social Chair and Public Engagement Representative

Marta Pudzianowska

Graphic Design Representative

Francesc Marco

Symposium Director

Salini Sasidharan

Symposium Advisor